Knowledge about tires

In fact, about car tires, this is something that every car owner ignores, but its importance is self-evident. The tire is the only object that the car contacts with the ground. It is inevitable to walk and stop every day. In particular, the rapid acceleration and braking will cause greater loss of the tire. In case of puncture and flat tire, it is necessary to replace it in advance. When changing the tire, the owner is often dazzled by the specifications and doesn't know how to choose. Today we'll talk about the knowledge of car tires.
All tires currently on the market will have a set of codes. Let's take 205 / 55R16 91v as an example to see what these numbers represent respectively. 205 represents the section width of the tire, in millimeters. The wider the width, the greater the area in contact with the ground. 55 is the flat ratio, which is calculated by dividing the section height by the section width by 100%. We don't have to worry too much about this value. As long as we know that the smaller the value is, the easier it is to operate. We can see that the tire wall of some performance vehicles is very thin, but when driving on poor roads, the tire wall is too thin, not only the tire pressure is high, but also the wheel hub pressure is high, which is easy to cause deformation and even damage. This is why the flat ratio of family cars is not very low. High flat ratio can bring more abundant buffer thickness and have a certain filtering effect on bumpy roads. After all, conventional cars should take into account the comfort of the vehicle.
16 is the tire diameter, in inches, which most intuitively shows the size of the tire. The final 91v is the composite index and speed level. At present, our commonly used tires are radial tires. Why do most people use radial tires? Radial tire is a new type of tire in which the carcass cords are arranged in the radial direction and the buffer layer with cords arranged in or near the circumferential direction is tightly clamped on the carcass. The service life is long, and the driving mileage can be 30% more than that of ordinary diagonal tires. Small rolling resistance, low fuel consumption, 15% - 20% smaller than ordinary diagonal tire, and about 25% more sliding distance. The bearing capacity is large, which is more than 10% higher than that of ordinary diagonal tire. It has good shock absorption performance, which can alleviate the impact of uneven road surface, improve the ride comfort of the vehicle, and so on.
After knowing the basic knowledge of these tires, we also have some reserves when using the vehicle and choosing to replace the tires. So how often do we need to replace the tires? How should we choose many brands and types? According to different types of tires, HT tires, at tires and MT tires are generally divided on the market. HT tires are used on roads. The main characteristics are that they have low noise, can provide a more comfortable road feeling to vehicles, excellent high-speed performance and excellent drainage performance in rainy days. At is an all terrain tire, which can ensure good grip and traction for non paved roads, with excellent wear resistance and drainage. MT is an off-road tire with large tread clearance, which can improve better grip and trafficability for rough road conditions, with high safety. Of course, different tires are suitable for different models, and we can't blindly assemble tires.
Tires are the most important thing for a car. The choice of tires is directly related to the safety of a car. In addition, it is very important to choose a reliable tire for the transmission of road feeling and the drainage performance of noise in rainy days. When purchasing tires, you must go to the regular Sales Office for official sales, We can't buy fake products in small shops for small bargains.
(reprinted by Sohu News)